• How Not To Settle For An “Average” Relationship

    Dr. Gary Brown, Los Angeles therapist, individual therapy, relationship therapy, DrGaryLATherapist, love, relationships, marriageToo many people settle for less than they deserve when it comes to relationships. So how can you transform a mediocre relationship into something that delights you? I was recently interviewed for tips on improving relationships by A-Plus, an online magazine that reports positive news and lifestyle articles.

    If you are in a relationship that is lackluster and need support to decide if this is the one for you OR how to improve it, I’ve helped countless individuals and couples find their very own happiness. Feel free to contact me for a 15-minute consultation. I may have some ideas that can help you in your specific situation.

    1. Three Phases of Romantic Love
      February 5, 2019 at 8:31 am -

      […] to ask yourself “Is this the right person for me?” All too often, I’ve seen couples who have settled for less than they deserve because they were too comfortable in their relationship. […]

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