• How to Ask Your Parents About Dating Advice

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    If you’re a young adult or even a not-so-young adult, talking to your parents about dating can stir up a range of emotions, from frustration to embarrassment to deep love and respect. And with the holidays afoot, there are plenty of opportunities for these conversations.

    Your parents are naturally curious about your life, and dating life in particular if you are currently single. Of course, they have your best interest at heart, and they can be a great source of wisdom, even though things have changed through the years.

    Recently, Elite Daily interviewed me about how to have these conversations go more smoothly. And there are understandably similar but also different approaches with both your mom and dad. Both of their perspectives could be very helpful to you when dating.

    I hope these are of service to you, especially as we come together as families over the holiday season or anytime really.

    How To Ask Your Mom For Dating Advice & Not Wind Up Fighting

    How To Ask Your Dad For Dating Advice Without Feeling Awkward


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