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    Counseling for Individuals

    There are many reasons people enter individual counseling.

    Single Life

    Being single in today’s world is, in some respects, the same as it always has been….and not.

    Life for singles at this point in our history, has more challenges and also more opportunities than ever.

    Being single is a unique experience – personally and professionally.

    You may also be very content being single. Increasing numbers of people are. For many, being single isn’t a “condition” that needs to be “fixed” but, rather lived, explored, and celebrated.

    For others, being single is fine, for now, but they also have a desire to share their lives with a partner.

    If you are single, you may or may not want to be in a committed relationship. If you do, there are many questions that you may be asking right now:

    What type of person would I like to be with? What qualities am I looking for? Is chemistry important? can I find that person? Do I want to date right now? How can I meet someone that I may be compatible with? How to deal with rejection? What should I do if they stop calling? And for some, how do I deal with someone who actually accepts me for who I am?!

    For all of these questions, individual counseling can be very helpful in finding your answers, and the myriad number of other questions that singles experience.

    Singles Counseling In A Relationship

    Perhaps you’re already in a relationship but your relationship doesn’t make you as happy as it used to. The same issues keep popping up but your partner can’t or won’t come to couples counseling.

    You don’t really want to drag them along but you might be thinking that coming in by yourself may not be of much help. Actually, as it turns out, new research is showing that individual therapy can be very effective at strengthening a relationship.

    Help With Work and Career Issues

    Many people also turn to me for work and career counseling. Research is proving that the stressors of working in the 21st century are increasing at all levels of employment. This is also true for entrepreneurs. Again, it doesn’t really matter where you are in school or in your career. We all need help from time to time with this too.

    The Real Key To Your Success

    No matter the form of counseling, your commitment to your own growth is the ultimate key to a successful outcome. There are also added benefits to entering counseling. One of the many benefits that my clients experience is that having their own individual counseling can also help enhance other important relationships or situations that may not have been the initial focus or reason why they entered counseling to begin with.

    The bottom line is this: if you are truly committed to growing, you can dramatically improve the quality of your life. You can be happier. You can feel hopeful. You can get so much enjoyment out of your life. Having worked successfully with hundreds, if not thousands of people, It’s very likely that I can help you. I invite you to contact me for a free 15-minute phone consultation to help you explore what is happening in your life and to see if I am a good fit for what you are looking for in a therapist.