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    How can I benefit from individual counseling?

    Individual counseling can be very helpful with these and the myriad number of other questions that singles experience. My individual clients often want to explore issues about dating, life goals both personal and professional, and how to find balance in their lives. In addition, some are seeking help with chronic anxiety, stress, and depression. For others, they may be experiencing challenges in their family and need support to help them navigate through all of that.

    What is the benefit of being in a committed relationship?

    There are many questions for you to consider in terms of the benefits to you, of being in a committed relationship. For example: What type of person would I like to be with? How can I find that person? How can I deal with rejection? How can I find someone who is accepting me for who I am?! What should I do if they stop calling? Is chemistry important?

    Can I get individual counseling while in a relationship?

    Yes. Perhaps you’re already in a relationship but your relationship doesn’t make you as happy as it used to. The same issues keep popping up but your partner can’t or won’t come to couples counseling. Perhaps, you are wondering if you are ready to commit. You may think coming alone is not helpful, but new research shows that individual therapy can be very effective at strengthening a relationship and helping clients to better understand if they are in a relationship that is fulfilling enough to continue, or not.


    Sometimes there is an accumulation of hurts, frustrations, resentments, and fears that have piled up along the way. These sources of pain often create barriers to one or both of you feeling close.

    But, if you’re willing to look beneath the surface to see what is happening to cause this distance, then there is a better chance of repairing the wounds that are keeping you apart. It is almost always the case that we can learn what our core needs are when exploring all of this. Then it is a matter of exploring new ways to maximize both of your chances to having your needs met.

    Can couples or marriage counseling really help our relationship?

    Research strongly shows that couples who are actively involved in couples or marriage counseling tend to work better together and increase their chances of enjoying more successful marriages. Given that 49 per cent of marriages end in divorce, this alone is often a powerful incentive to enter marriage counseling.

    Is Premarital Counseling worth it?

    Did you know that couples who receive pre-marital counseling have a 30 percent lower chance of divorcing? Given the current divorce statistics it makes sense to do everything you can as a couple to build a strong foundation for your marriage before you exchange your marriage vows.

    Invariably, couples counseling is often much less expensive than a divorce.


    Do you offer counseling for parents?

    Yes. I enjoy working with parents, especially as the father of three myself. Pediatricians often refer parents to me as well as primary care physicians as well as family and friends of potential clients.

    I work with expectant and new parents, as well as parents of pre-teens, teens, young adults, as well as older children. If you are a parent, your role as a parent continues for the entirety of your life span.

    My background in education gives me a unique perspective on the various developmental stages that children go through.

    Do you offer counseling for expectant couples?

    Absolutely. For many expectant couples, parenting often starts before your baby is born. This is why in addition to offering parent coaching, I also offer both perinatal counseling for expectant parents as well as and post-natal counseling for new parents.

    Do you offer treatment for postpartum depression and anxiety?

    I do and often receive referrals from obstetricians and pediatricians for clients who may be suffering from these common conditions.

    Postpartum anxiety is this kind of ongoing, relentless worry that starts to affect your regular functioning because your brain is constantly consumed with irrational fears. You may also exhibit symptoms like:

    • Constantly worrying and fretting over your baby
    • Feel on edge, like something bad is going to happen all the time
    • Experiencing a rapid heartbeat and/or nausea
    • You may have an inability to sit still
    • You may find you can’t focus
    • Panic attacks
    • Not readily bonding with your baby as you thought you might or should

    Does life with a baby ever get any easier?

    It is completely common for new parents to be concerned or even worry about how all this newness is supposed to work. How does the baby sit up in the baby tub without drowning? How am I ever going to get to the store, let alone shower again? What if the baby rolls over in the middle of the night? And until you get the swing of things, it’s appropriate to be vigilant, protective and cautious.

    There is an amount of time to adjust to the new normal. That’s for sure. And it takes many parents awhile to adapt. As both the father of three and a grandfather, I can likely help you with this.

    What form of payment do you accept?

    I accept payments by check and electronically through Zelle.

    Do you offer a free initial consultation?

    Yes.  I am more than happy to offer you a free 15-minute phone consultation to see if I am a good fit for what you are needing.

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