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    Many people of all ages have had similar life experiences to yours and felt much of what you may be feeling right now. You’ve already taken a courageous first step by being here. It is also perfectly understandable that you’re going to have doubts, some fear, and many questions along the way.

    I want to help make the next steps easier for you. You deserve to feel better. And, of course, you want to feel hope that you can get through this. Working together, I will help you gain new insights, learn new and innovative coping skills, and develop a new and expanded vision of what a happier and truly more fulfilling life could look like.

    All of the counseling techniques that I offer are evidence-based, peer reviewed, and represent current best practices in the field. Given the uniqueness of every individual, couple, and family whom I encounter, I continuously adapt my approach to ensure that you are receiving the best possible treatment that I can offer.

    Covid-19: I offer Telehealth sessions during the pandemic. I specifically use Zoom For Healthcare as it offers a higher level of encryption for your added privacy and protection.  

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    Individual counseling can be very helpful with both personal and professional support.

    Couples Counseling

    Our romantic relationships can be some of the most rewarding relationships of our lives...

    Pre-Marital and Marriage Counseling

    Premarital and marriage counseling can be a great benefit to both you and your partner.

    Parent Coaching

    Many parents (married, living together, or single) have found Parent Coaching to be very helpful...

    Counseling for Trauma and Grief

    The assistance of a therapist can help you work through trauma and loss.

    Counseling for Anxiety

    When it comes to treating anxiety, research shows that therapy is usually the most effective option.

    Therapy for Depression

    Are you feeling hopeless, losing sleep, feeling withdrawn, isolated and not your usual self?


    Do you need support, but can’t make it to an in-person appointment?

    Additional Resources

    I have lived and worked in Los Angeles for many years and am always happy to help you find additional healthcare resources.