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    As a frequent contributor who has been interviewed and quoted over 500 times in more than 160 media outlets, I enjoy working with the media and am available for electronic, print, radio, podcasts, cable, television, and either taped or live interviews.

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    Topics that I have experience with include but are not limited to the following:
    • Issues for Singles
    • Pre-Marital and Marriage Counseling
    • Living together
    • Marriage
    • Pregnancy
    • Pre and Postpartum Issues
    • Parenthood
    • Human Sexuality
    • Impact of Social Media on Relationships
    • Trial Separation, Separation, and Divorce
    • Anxiety
    • Depression
    • Adult Development
    • Issues for Teenagers
    • Grief and Loss
    • Disaster Mental Health
    • Stress Management
    • Issues in the Workplace
    • Career Counseling
    • Benefits of Counseling
    • Psychological Trauma

    FOX 11 Good Day L.A. reached out to me for an interview about Parent Coaching. Araksya Karapetyan is a delightful interviewer and I can see why she is so popular with her audience!

    I was invited by the Hamilton Review to discuss several coping methods to help all of us try to navigate the world of Covid-19. Dr. Hamilton is one of the leading pediatricians in the country, as well as a dear friend and colleague.

    Being quarantined poses many challenges and opportunities for couples to strengthen their relationship. Rebecca Strong at Elite Daily asked myself and a couple of colleagues for tips to help couples navigate all of this. I hope you find this article helpful.

    If you’re single and dread the holidays when everyone seems to be cuffing, and you’re dreading dealing with awkward family questions about your social status, then you may be interested in this interview I just finished for Cosmopolitan Magazine.

    I was interviewed on The Lisa Show about a perpetually hot topic – how to know if you are marrying the right person. This interview was aired on a local station and nationally on Sirius XM.

    Even the best of couples sometimes have one or both wondering if they are truly feeling fulfilled. Rebecca Strong at Elite Daily reached out for some insight on this topic that impacts all couples. I hope you find it helpful.

    Do you or someone you know struggle with the idea of self-promotion? A new study just came out about how to approach it and Emma McGown at Bustle wrote a wonderful article on how healthy self-promotion can help anyone who tends to downplay their own accomplishments.

    Marriage is a big deal. In this interview, Rachel Shatto at Elite Daily asked about three basic questions to ask your partner about marriage to see if you are both on the same page.

    Are you thinking about taking a break from your partner this summer? That may or may not be such a good idea. One of my favorite writers is Ginny Hogan at Elite Daily. She reached out to interview me about this timely subject.

    It was fun being featured on CBS’s new show, Face The Truth, starring Vivica Fox

    Time can be a tricky thing in relationships. Over time we can slowly begin to take our partner for granted. We may not mean too, but it can happen. Elite Daily asked me for some tips on how to get your relationship back on track..

    It may be a surprise to many that arguing about sex is not the most common point of contention for many couples. No. It’s not about sex. It’s about who does the cleaning that recent research has exposed as the most common topic that couples argue about. Here’s an interview that I did for Bustle, that was just published in the UK Sun.

    a woman sitting downHuffPo interviewed myself and other relationship therapists for our views on when it was time to end a relationship. So, before you take off your wedding ring, and grab your passport, here’s an article to help you figure out if it really is time to end it.

    a woman looking surprised at her phoneNYLON was interested in how families deal with political differences on social media. This continues to be a hot topic: to follow, or unfollow seems to be the question and there is little agreement about this either!

    two women talking and having coffeeAsk most young adults about dating, and they naturally have many questions. Elite Daily’s Hannah Orenstein knows that I like to help singles as they navigate dating life. Here is one of two articles that just came out on the subject.

    Reader’s Digest wanted to know about major signs that someone you are seeing is not The One. I was happy to contribute to this article in the hope that their readers will be saved from a life of misery, after having picked the Wrong One.

    Inline image 1Having a baby is a big deal. Many couples wonder about being parents so HealthyWays magazine wanted to offer their readers some important questions to ask before having a baby. I was very happy to be a contributor on this project.

    Inline image 1Sometimes even the most experienced clinicians do not always agree on a diagnosis. VICE just published this article on the subject. I am honored to be a contributor.

    Inline image 1As the father of two enchanting daughters, I naturally jumped at the opportunity when Redbook asked me to highlight the importance of the father-daughter relationship. I hope you enjoy reading this as much as I enjoyed doing the interview!

    elitedailyIf you’re an introvert or know an introvert who struggles in relationships, this is a nice article in Elite Daily. It was a pleasure being a contributor.

    Best Life asked for some answers to help their readers with one of the most frequent questions that therapists are asked: How to know if you have found The One. It’s a good read!

    elitedailyQuite often I see people who are suffering from something traumatic in their lives. The impact of unresolved trauma can produce great emotional pain. Reader’s Digest asked me to be a featured contributor for an article on this powerful subject.

    Women’s Health magazine recently asked me to contribute to an article about taking a break in a relationship. Here are specific questions for their readers to ask, that can help figuring this out.

    Did you ever wonder about what are some of the things to look for when trying to figure out if he or she is “The One”? Elite Daily interviewed me for this article.

    teenvogueIt was a pleasure being a contributor to this well researched article by Helaina Hovitz at Teen Vogue. There are some great resources here for teens when they are feeling troubled and don’t know where to turn. This article could actually save lives.

    helaina-hovitz-cameraThe Manchester bombings this week are another reminder of the horrors of terrorism. Sometimes these current events can trigger powerful emotions about other events we’ve experienced in the past. This article from Health Magazine covers this subject very well.

    dating-with-depressionMy single clients often seek my advice about dating. Elite Daily wanted to explore what it’s like to date when you are feeling depressed. I was more than happy to be a contributor to their efforts

    13 ReasonsYou may have heard about the recent Netflix series, 13 Reasons Why. This powerful series covers sensitive topics for teenagers including bullying, slut shaming, body shaming, betrayal, and suicide. Here is a brief and informative article just published by The Culture Trip

    Advance Healthcare NetworkOne of the nation’s leading resources for healthcare workers, Advance Healthcare Network just interviewed me for their article on Managing Stress in the Workplace.

    EmpowHER Magazine Labor and Delivery is usually one of the happiest places in a hospital. But, not always. EmpowHER Magazine wants to help women who have suffered a traumatic event during or after pregnancy

    BustleIf you’ve been in a relationship for awhile, there is always the possibility that resentments are going to occur, even in the best of times. Bustle asked me to comment on the topic: Seven Signs Your Partner Resents You, and what you can do about it

    LemonadeShortly after Beyonce made her latest visual album, Lemonade, Shape Magazine interviewed me to learn more about the impact of her most recent work.

    Woman's DayWoman’s Day was Looking for 30 Things Marriage Therapists Want You To Know. Myself and several colleagues contributed to this article. Swipe through all 30 tips for information that can help your marriage.

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