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    Parenting Coaching

    Many parents (married, living together, or single) have found Parent Coaching to be very helpful.

    Your child goes through a number of developmental phases from birth through adolescence, and into adulthood. At each stage of their growth, there are challenges and there are also many opportunities to enhance your child’s growth. Many parents have told me that being coached and supported by me has been very helpful and often transformative for themselves and their children. This type of reward is one of the many reasons I continue to do this work in the world.

    My clients say that what distinguishes me as a therapist, is that not only am I the proud father of three of my own children, but I was also a school teacher for several years. In my role in the classroom, I had the opportunity to not only work with beautiful young minds and their parents, but also to observe and learn more about child development. This turned out to be invaluable when I became a therapist.

    I have a particular passion for working with expectant couples who are emotionally preparing for the arrival of their first child; new parents who are now parents for the first time; and for parents who have established families and would like additional support.

    If you are open to exploring ideas about parenting, I can help you explore ways to support your growth and your child’s growth; help you discover ways to foster an environment of expanding trust, love, and connection; and teach you new and innovative ways of parenting that can benefit you and your loved ones. Contact me to see if I am a good fit for what you and your family need.