• The X-Plan: How to Help Your Tween or Teen Get Out of a Dangerous Situation

    Dr. Gary Brown, X Plan, Burt Fulks
    In general, I like to blog on a weekly basis. And about 98% of the time, I generate the blogs that you see here.

    But every now and then I come across an idea that can be so very helpful, whether it’s mine or someone else’s, that I naturally want to help spread the word – especially as it relates to the safety and health of our kids.

    This is definitely one of those times.

    Whether you’re a tween, a teen, or the parent of one, we know that sometimes kids can find themselves in scary and uncomfortable situations. They could be at a party, out later at night than usual, at a concert, music festival, or any social situation – and suddenly they find themselves in a scary and uncomfortable situation.

    Of course, we hope that they can just call us, tell us out loud, and we can immediately go pick them up, or they can Uber home.

    But what if they are in a situation where it might be scary to call in a way that is obvious to others? What if there is no easy way for them to justify leaving? What if there is peer pressure to stay in a situation that is not safe for them? Then what can they do to get help?

    Realizing this dilemma, Mr. Burt Fulks, a counselor, and parent himself, came up with an idea to discretely help our kids get out of these situations.

    He first developed this plan for his own kids, and now his idea is spreading literally around the world. It is elegantly simple, and safe. He has been featured in multiple media outlets. You may have even seen this once already.

    It’s called The X-Plan: Giving Your Kids A Way Out (#xplan).

    Click here to read his short but powerful article. It could literally be a lifesaver.

    Dr. Gary Brown, X Plan, Burt Fulks

     Since his first article came out, there has been lots of feedback and comments. He has updated his original blog with some of those comments – it’s a great addition.


    I hope you found this link helpful. If you have any concerns about your own child relating to their emotional and physical safety, please feel free to give me a call or shoot me an email. As the father of three myself, I certainly benefitted from talking with other parents about safety issues and ways to cope with them. I’d be glad to help you explore this.


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