• 3 Common Relationship Fears and How to Move Beyond Them

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    We all have fears in our relationships. It’s absolutely normal. I was recently interviewed by Elite Daily about what are the most common fears and how to best address them proactively with your partner.

    If you are in a relationship where fears are starting to get in the way of your togetherness or you simply need some relationship advice and support, I’ve helped countless individuals and couples find their very own happiness. Feel free to contact me for a 15-minute consultation. I may have some ideas that can help your specific situation.

    1. […] And that is why being vulnerable with our inner world is directly linked to overcoming our fear of how our loved one may react. That is why vulnerability requires the courage to be truly authentic and real, letting your friend/partner/lover know all the sides of you, even the icky parts alongside the fear of the reveal. […]

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