• The Core Foundations of Real Love and True Intimacy – A Seven Part Series: Introduction

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    Having been in private practice for over 25 years, I have met hundreds and hundreds of individuals and couples who are struggling in their relationships…or lack thereof.  Their challenges are many and as diverse as the people I work with. Each person and situation is unique.

    Having said that, I have learned – and, really, my clients have taught me in so many ways – that there are very specific ways of thinking and behaving that couples need to learn in order to both express love and receive love. Knowing these tools is absolutely foundational to enjoying happy and healthy relationships.

    This brief article serves as an introduction to a seven-part series, titled The Core Foundations of Real Love and True Intimacy, and serves as a practical and proven guide to help couples achieve profound love and the meaningful intimacy that comes with authentic love.

    The analogy I use with all couples when talking about love and intimacy is that of building a home – you need a good foundation of love to build intimacy in your relationship.

    You need specific tools and materials to build the foundation of your home: hammers, saws, concrete, wood, nails, drywall, and a roof to provide a sturdy and safe environment to live in. Much like a home, a relationship also needs specific tools and materials to form the strong base of your love…without which, love simply cannot flourish.

    The core foundations are Trust, Vulnerability, Courage, Self-Awareness, Kindness, Gratitude, and Humor.

    This seven-part series covers each of the core foundations of a truly healthy relationship in more detail and provides some practical ways to establish, sustain, and grow your love.

    You can find the series here:
    Part 1: Vulnerability
    Part 2: Trust
    Part 3: Courage
    Part 4: Self-Awareness
    Part 5: Kindness
    Part 6: Gratitude
    Part 7: Humor


    I want to thank all of the couples I have and continue to work with who, while they will remain anonymous, have helped educate me about what their true needs are in a relationship and how best to get those needs met – for both partners to feel loved, appreciated, and cherished.

    I hope you enjoy the coming series and find it helpful in your relationship. If you too are looking to have more love and intimacy in your life, please reach out to me for a free, 15-minute consultation to see how we may best work together.