• Deepening Connections: 11 Vital Questions for Stronger Relationships in the New Year


    With the arrival of a new year, many of us find ourselves setting personal resolutions and goals, aiming for self-improvement. But how often do we set intentions for the growth and enrichment of our most significant relationships? As much as we focus on our individual aspirations, the dawn of a new year is a perfect moment also to deepen our connections with those we love.

    Creating a Deeper Connection

    The fabric of a strong relationship is woven with the threads of trust, appreciation, and kindness. To fortify these bonds, engaging in meaningful conversations is key.

    Consider an annual ritual for those most important in your life: a heartfelt conversation guided by eleven purposeful questions at the start of each year. This is designed not just to reflect on our relationships but to ignite purposeful actions that will bring joy and fulfillment.

    This meaningful conversation isn’t just for romantic partners; it’s equally powerful when shared with best friends, trusted family members, and colleagues. This connection can help us realize that we don’t have to be alone in the world.


    Engaging in this dialogue opens up channels of deep understanding and strengthens the bonds of trust and intimacy across all forms of love and relationships. Whether you’re looking to reinforce a friendship, foster stronger familial ties, or enrich a romantic relationship, these questions transcend the boundaries of connection, offering a valuable touchstone for any significant relationship in your life.

    11 Questions to Ask the Significant People in Your Life:

    1. What one thing could I do right now that would make your life better?
    2. Do you feel that we have any unfinished business that I am not aware of?
    3. Do you feel appreciated by me? Do I express it enough?
    4. Is there enough positivity in our relationship?
    5. Are you generally happy with the tone of our relationship?
    6. If there is one thing you would change in our relationship, what would it be?
    7. Are you happy with our decision-making?
    8. Do you feel that you have enough influence in our relationship when we try to solve problems?
    9. Are there any dreams or aspirations you have that I am unaware of?
    10. Do you feel that I am aware of your love language(s)? Do I find ways to try and fulfill them?
    11. If you could wave a magic wand right now, what would you wish for?

    While these questions are crafted to deepen connections, it’s important to recognize that not all of them may suit every type of relationship. The dynamics between friends, family, and romantic partners can vary greatly, and it’s essential to approach each conversation with sensitivity and discernment.

    Take the questions that resonate with the nature of your relationship, and feel free to adapt or skip others as necessary. The goal is to foster understanding and closeness within the best context for you and those you connect with.



    The Power of Intentional Dialogue

    Conversations built around these questions serve as a bridge to understanding your partner’s (friend, family member, or colleague’s) needs, desires, and perspectives. They help unearth the silent longings and unspoken words that, if neglected, could create distances within the most intimate spaces between two people. Addressing these aspects of your relationship with honesty and openness sets a strong foundation for the year ahead.

    When to Have This Conversation

    While these questions are perfect for the new year, they hold value at any time. Whether it’s an anniversary, a significant life change, or simply a moment when your relationship feels like it’s at a crossroads, these questions can redirect you toward mutual growth and understanding.

    Embarking on this journey of reflection and resolution within your relationships can be deeply rewarding. However, it can also be challenging to navigate the vulnerabilities that such conversations may uncover. If you find yourself needing guidance or support, please reach out. A free 15-minute consultation can help determine if my approach can assist you and possibly your partner, or anyone else in your life, foster a more profound connection. Together, let’s make this year a testament to your building deeper connections with the important people in your life.